Wills & Estate Planning

Estate Planning and the drafting of your Last Will and Testament are thoughtful and necessary for the benefit of you, your family and the preservation and distribution of your assets. Kindly note the worksheets available that will assist you in organizing your thoughts and wishes as well as your assets and obligations. Please feel free to print the worksheets provided and make notes relative to questions you may have which will help make your initial consultation with us more productive.

[Estate & Will Planning Worksheet Click Here]

I recommend the drafting of these important documents be accomplished by one of our attorneys to help insure accuracy and are reflective of your wishes and directives.

Information provided is held in complete confidence, and is used for the sole purpose of analyzing estate planning needs and designing estate planning documents. Preparation of this worksheet is not mandatory prior to the initial appointment with us, but if we are able to review the completed worksheet prior to or at your first appointment, more can be accomplished during the appointment.

The information requested on this worksheet may seem like none of an attorney’s business, but it is very important that our estate planning attorney understands your present situation and your wishes for the future. This information enables us to plan the estate to accomplish future goals and to take steps to save on taxes and administrative expenses.

If you are married and all information on this worksheet is identical for you and your spouse, fill out one worksheet only. If information for each spouse differs, please download multiple copies of this worksheet so each spouse has one to fill out.

For those of you who are single, please note that phrasing everything based on husband and wife is for the simplicity of the form only. Estate planning is very important for singles as well as couples. Plans of distribution for singles is not obvious and most or all assets will be probated unless held in joint tenancy. [Estate & Will Planning Worksheet Click Here]